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We are coming to
Re-Define User BehaviorAccurately

DeepMetrica, as a next-generation behavioral analytics tool powered by AI, helps you to monitor your website non-stop, to understand your users’ behavior with Heatmaps, Funnels, and Records and provides you custom AI feedback to save you time and money.

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How to get lifetime rewards

Invite your friends & answer the questions

Sign up for DeepMetrica and verify your email address to be one of our Founding Members. Gain more points to rank up in the list by inviting your friends and filling out the questionnaire. Take your place among the top Founding Members to gain greater lifetime rewards.

How to rank up

Rank among the top 50

Verify your email address. Invite your friends and make sure they verify their email addresses as well. The more friends register DeepMetrica via the link you sent, the more you rank up in the list. To gain more points, fill out a short questionnaire that appears when you log into DeepMetrica.

Rewards based on your ranking

Collect your lifetime rewards

1st – 50th

Lifetime Plus Plan + 20% Upgrade Discount

51st – 100th

1-year free Plus Plan + 20% Upgrade Discount

101st – 250th

6-month free Plus Plan + 20% Upgrade Discount

251st – 1000th

1000-session credit + 20% Upgrade Discount
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